We Are Recruiting

Music plays a vital role in the life and liturgy of the Abbey.

In order to maintain the musical tradition of the Abbey we need your support.

Are you an adult singer?

If yes then please consider joining the Abbey choir.

We are currently recruiting Soprano, Counter-Tenor, Alto, Tenor, and Bass.


Junior Choir

Do you have a son/daughter aged 7 or above? Do you know anyone with children of that age group?

If Yes, then please read on.

It is the intention of the Abbey to start a junior choir for both boys and girls aged 7 and above.

The Director of music would be pleased to hear from any parents, friends etc, who feel that their son/daughter may be interested in this opportunity. Please contact the abbey office or e-mail to arrange an informal meeting.


Choral Scholar

Are you in full time education and aged over 16?

If yes, then you may be interested to know that we are currently offering a number of choral scholarships to students who wish to further their vocal talents. Remuneration is by way of vocal tuition from a professional voice coach to the value of £600.00 per annum.


Please contact the Director of Music for information about these exciting opportunities at Shrewsbury Abbey.