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The Abbey – a parish church, a community center, a heritage site

The Abbey was founded on the site of a manor and chapel named St Peters located in the Saxon settlement of Scrobbesburh which evolved to become Shrewsbury.  The Saxons had in turn settled there following the end of Roman occupation of the area known as Scrobbescire near the city of Wroxeter.

We have many enthusiastic Guides willing to share their knowledge about the Abbey’s history, architecture, meaning and context of the stained-glass windows as well as key characters such as Roger de Montgomery, St Winifrede, Cadfael and Wilfred Owen.


Daily guides

We are open to the public each day between 10am and 4pm in addition to the opening times for worship and prayer.  Our guides are available Monday to Friday between 11pm and 3pm to answer questions from general visitors and to help you get the most from your visit.  We are delighted to announce that from February 2022 our guides will be available Monday to Friday from 11am to 3pm.


Organised tours/ school visits

We are located directly opposite a coach and car park which makes organised tours by large parties very easy to facilitate.

The secondary education syllabus for history students includes the period 1066 to 1509.; the Abbey directly represents the period from Norman conquest until the accession of Henry VIII.

If you would like to speak to us to arrange a formal guided tour please complete our online enquiry form.


Children’s tours

Our guides have adapted our tours to cater for children’s needs.  We have short tours of 20 minutes duration limited to approximately 9 children to ensure every child can engage with the tour.  Larger parties can be accommodated by rotating them with other activities to ensure that children are included at all times.  Props and costumes are available to bring the Abbey’s history to life.  Children’s tours can be delivered in conjunction with other events to create a great day out for school parties and families.  Please complete our online enquiry form for more details.