Sponsor a Pipe


If you would like to make a donation towards the cost of renovating an individual pipe or even a whole row of pipes, then read on.  Our “Sponsor an Abbey pipe” fund-raising scheme is still open!

Each of the Hill organ’s 1900 pipes has had to be checked over, cleaned and repaired as necessary.  We are adding 500 pipes to the organ to complete Hill’s 1911 specification;  some of these pipes are being made specially (but in the 1911 style), others have come from elsewhere, but all have to be cleaned and checked over.

If you wish to sponsor one or more of these pipes, then we can send you a form to use.

Click here to download the form now

You will be able to sponsor one pipe, a number of pipes or a complete “rank” (or row) of pipes  –  the choice is yours.  And you can give any amount of money, large or small.  If you are a taxpayer, you can gift aid your donation increasing its value to us by 25%

Here is an example of different levels of sponsorship

  • £25 would sponsor a single small mixture pipe
  • £50 a fifteenth pipe
  • £75 a slightly large principal pipe
  • £100 a diapason pipe, which would be larger again

What would you get in return?

We would allocate a specific pipe or pipes to you, and would send you a sponsorship certificate.  In due course we would also send you a photograph of the pipe you’ve sponsored, invite you to hear it played, and invite you to the celebrity opening organ recital

And of course you would now have helped fund this important work to the Abbey’s superb Hill organ

There is also an option to make a much larger donation and sponsor a much deeper sounding pipe!


As part of the work to complete the Hill organ we have commissioned 12 wood trombone pipes producing very low pitch.  These 12 pipes will make up the lowest octave of the Contra Trombone 32′ stop.  The pitch of these pipes is well below any sound produced on a piano.  If you are technically minded the pitch of the lowest note is around 16 Hz – it is probably too low to hear an actual note.  But the effect is astonishing, and will make our Hill organ sound as if it is a large cathedral organ, and will really make the presence of our organ felt as well as heard!

Each of these really deep sounding pipes will cost £1000.  So to sponsor one of these astonishing pipes, we would ask for a £1000 donation

For that level of sponsorship, we would send you a certificate and picture, and invite you to the opening recital.  We would also show you the actual pipe and if you are confident at height, will take you up into the organ to see it in place  –  though not when it is being played!

If you wish to sponsor one of these most significant pipes, then do please make contact and we can give you further information.

We can also label your DEEeep pipe(s) with the name of the sponsor, or another name if in memoriam.

Click here to download a sponsorship form